Setting the Captives Free World-Wide
Breaking the Chains of Bondage ~ Isaiah 61:1

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The Jesus/Joshua Connection on Route 66 (Part 2) ~ Salvation to the Gentiles

Posted on May 3, 2019 at 7:45 AM

Setting the Captives Free World-Wide ~ Breaking the Chains of Bondage (Isaiah 61:1)

The Jesus/Joshua Connection on Route 66 (Part 2) ~ Salvation to the Gentiles

Today I am going to share with the readers how Salvation came to the Gentiles. Let’s start with Rahab, a Gentile, and how her family her family received Salvation.

The word Salvation is important, and names are also important. Joshua’s name means Jehovah is salvation; Jesus or Jeshua was and is Savior. So, in the Old Testament types and shadows, salvation came to the Gentiles. Abraham was the father of faith through the bloodline and he was the father of the Gentiles through faith (Galatians 3:6-9).

Joshua sent two men to spy out Jericho, the city that they were going to destroy. The spies stayed at Rabah’s house; the king of Jericho heard about it and he sent a word to Rahab to bring the men to him. Rahab hid the men on the roof of the house with stalks of flax. She told the spies how the Lord had given them the land; she also heard how the Lord dried up the Red Sea.

Rahab asked them to show kindness to her family and they agreed to do what she asked. Rahab let them down by a cord through the window; she told them to go to the mountain and hide for three days and after their pursuers left they could be on their way (Joshua, chapter 2).

The token (pledge) was a true sign by the scarlet (red) thread in the window. The cord would let the spies down and all of Rahab’s family. If Rahab told what happened, the oath would not be any good. The scarlet cord represented safety through sacrifice – blood (Hebrews 9:19, 22).

After the walls of Jericho came down and everything was destroyed, Joshua told the spies to bring Rahab and her family out and they burned the city with fire. Joshua saved Rahab and her family because she hid the spies (Joshua 6:22-25).

God’s Plan for the Gentiles

Rahab lived in Jericho; the city that was going to be destroyed. She hid the men who had been sent by Joshua to spy the town. When Jericho was destroyed, Rahab, the harlot and her family were the only ones that were spared (Joshua, chapters 2 and 6). This means that salvation was given to Rahab and her family who were Gentiles.

I am still comparing Joshua whose name meant Jehovah saves and how he saved (spared) Rahab and her family who were Gentiles. Jesus went to the Jews who were His own people and they did not receive Him; the Gospel was extended to the Gentiles (John 1:1-12, Romans 1:16-17, Galatians 3:26-29). Rahab is also listed in the ancestry of Jesus (Matthew 1:5) and she can be found in the Faith Hall of Fame (Hebrews 11:31).


An example of the Old Testament foreshadowing of salvation to the Gentiles through Joshua, manifested in the New Testament when God revealed to Peter in a vision to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Cornelius a Roman centurion who was a Gentile (Acts, chapter 10).


God always had the Gentiles in mind; but there was a specific time for them to obtain this wonderful salvation, that could only come through Jesus Christ (Isaiah 56:6-8, Acts 28:28, Romans 11:11).

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