Setting the Captives Free World-Wide
Breaking the Chains of Bondage ~ Isaiah 61:1

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Gratefulness Leads to Humility

Posted on July 8, 2019 at 11:40 AM

Setting the Captives Free World-Wide ~ Breaking the Chains of Bondage (Isaiah 61:1)

Gratefulness Leads to Humility

The reason I am writing this message is because of a recent experience that opened my eyes to see the needs of people who are in much worse condition than I am.

I thank the Lord God Almighty for allowing me to go on a seven-day cruise. However, it was not just a fun trip which was okay, but it became a work of the ministry. Father God orchestrated circumstances for me to meet people, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them, give Godly council and pray for them.

This trip was different from other foreign places the Lord had allowed me to go. When I saw the impoverished people on some of the islands, my heart ached. I began to think about how the Lord allows me to go places; some people think I am going just to have fun, and they admire me for being able to travel many places. This is my calling; the office of Evangelist (Ephesians 4:11).

I do have fun traveling because it comes with the calling, but this particular trip gave me greater insight as to what I am assigned to do. I understand more fully what it means to not take God’s grace/favor for granted. I also have greater insight as to why God uses the resources to bless me because of my minimal income. The Word of God is my foundation for His supply, and regardless of the need, I stand on Philippians 4:19.

Does He give me all things to richly enjoy? Yes! I passionately enjoy spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, there are two-fold blessings that come with the call.

Since God gave us all things to richly enjoy, how are so many people who are lacking certain material things able to enjoy better things in life? Through those God have allowed to have riches, of course!

The ones who God allowed riches are not to be high-minded and they are commanded to distribute to those who do not have much (1 Timothy 6:17-18. God did allow the rich to be rich because they are better than others, nor did He allow them to have many possessions to keep for themselves – possessions can be here today and gone today. We brought nothing into the world and certainly we can take anything out of this world (1Timothy 6:7).

Example of a person who had great wealth: Not only did he hold on to his wealth, he torn down and rebuilt and thought he had many years to live. The man said to his soul, he was going to eat, drink, be merry and enjoy life. God called the man a fool and he died and could not take one thing with him (Luke 12:16-21).

Conclusion to what was revealed to me about the rich of this world: Many of the rich are using enslavement to some crew/staff members, by having them to work long hours multitasking on a pitifully low income. These people are foreigners who leave their families for more than half the year to provide for them.

A vast number of islanders are so poor that they do whatever possible to survive and some are also enslaved by the rich who have them advertising or working for their businesses for such a low pay that keeps them in bondage materially.

Seeing this was a most humbling experience. I began to think about the material things and how they don’t matter; GOD first and things will come (Matthew 6:33).

Why are so many people in the world lacking? Perhaps they are not in a relationship with Christ, or they may not understand the Word of God. What role am I to fulfill pertaining to making a difference in the lives of those God has assigned to me?

The scripture that the Holy Spirit had me concentrating on for several days during the cruise: Work with my hands (my God given abilities) so I can give to others who are in need (Ephesians 4:28. I am already giving through writing messages and sharing the Gospel wherever I go (Isaiah 6:8. I am waiting with expectation to be a material blessing to many people in need.

Unshackled ~ Betty A. Burnett                       BURNETTMINISTRIES.ORG

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