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Burnett Ministries

Dig Deep Into the Mind of God's Wisdom


I was born in Gibsonville, NC, and grew up in Greensboro, NC, where I received my education. My early years of life were without my biological father, but I had a hard-working mother, who later remarried. 

Childhood and early teen life were not smooth sailing for me, which caused me to have a strong desire to leave Greensboro, when I became of age.

Upon leaving home, travels took me to Hempstead Long Island NY, Bronx NY, Jersey City NJ, Camden NJ and Philadelphia PA. My experiences living in various cities were exciting, but all those bright lights, fast life and other pursuits never satisfied me or filled the empty void.

Even though my personal testimony is not all sunshine, the fast life I sought in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania did not satisfy or please me, because God had a plan for me. 

A higher education was pursued, and as noble a profession as nursing is acclaimed, it did not fill the void in my life. Eventually, Greensboro NC, became my home again.

It was several years after moving back to Greensboro, that I had a born-again experience and my triumphs began Monday, March 15, 1982. I attribute God’s grace and mercy, for allowing me the privilege to survive and testify of His goodness to others.

I can also testify that all those empty years prior to my relationship with Jesus Christ have been filled, and thirty-nine years of walking with the Lord have been victorious, despite the obstacles and challenges that come with life.

I  joined several churches in Guilford County and lived in situations way outside of my comfort zone, but through it all, God sustained me.   back to Camden years after becoming born-again and joined a church there. I  served in a Christian drug rehab, where I became acquainted with various Teen Challenges in different parts of the United States.

A few years later I returned to Greensboro and joined a church in Ruffin NC; five years later she became a member of St. Paul Baptist Church in Greensboro, was licensed into ministry in 2000.

Betty was ordained as office of Evangelist in Winston Salem NC in 2002, through the High Point Educational and Missionary Association. She ministered in various capacities at St. Paul, leader of the Evangelism Class and Team and as Youth Minister.

I am a poet, author and playwright. I love studying the Word of God and  I share it with whomever I meet. I  have a love for people and  my passionate widespread desire is to see them delivered from whatever they have been in bondage to. My passion is in conjunction with my global mission: “Setting the Captives Free World-Wide” (Isaiah 61:1); which has been confirmed by way of the internet.

The Lord blessed me with Burnett Ministries, where Bible principles are taught, mainly via internet at the present time and by conference calls. He also blessed me to author a book “The New Life” (a new edition recently published), and my  God given vision has manifested through the website where I  write regular messages pertaining to “Setting the Captives Free World-Wide”, which has now reached people around the world. 

I have a strong urge to help the children of God to learn, understand and fulfill their destiny, through the gifts and calling. I have  taken on another assignment,  directed by the Spirit of God: "An Hour of Bible Sharing" with Betty.

I am confident of my dual five-fold ministry call of Evangelist and Prophetess. I not only desire for others to be born-again, but that they will also know what their call (purpose) is, and that they will walk in their call and fulfill their destiny. I  build people up by encouraging them to seek God pertaining to their gifts and calling.

I am quick to tell people that with God, there are no big I’s and little u’s; one person is as important as the other, regardless of what their call is. I  enjoy traveling, which in conjunction with my call; and I really love to drive. Every time a door is opened for me to hit the highways, I get delightfully happy. Some of the travels have taken me to many states and cities in the United States and abroad.

Wherever I go, doors of opportunity are always open for me to minister. This certainly confirms her personal logo: “Send me Lord, I’ll go” ~ Isaiah 6:8

God has sent me back to New Jersey, another extension of Burnett Ministries which is still based in North Carolina.

PO Box 20643 ● Greensboro, NC 27420 ● (336) 681-2973

E-Mail: [email protected]


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