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Setting the Captives Free Worldwide



At Burnett Ministries, it is our ambition to assist you in your spiritual walk by using God's principles as we offer simple (basic) tools for you to live a prosperous life. We are basically an online ministry, but when contacted there can be a personal experience between the reader and Betty A. Burnett.

It is God's will for you to reach your full potential (maximize your purpose) which comes through learning and understanding His Word.

You will learn that:

  • The Bible is the greatest Book ever written. The Bible is the only manual that has the answer for every situation in this life and your eternal state.

  • The Bible is the recipe that will tell you step by step the ingredients you need in order to have spiritual well balanced and nutritional meals.

  • The Bible is the prescription that brings the ultimate healing.

  • The Bible is the road-map that will take you on whatever route (sixty six Books) you need to travel.

Our desire is for you to grow through Bible study and to be productive locally and beyond (2 Corinthians 9:6-11).

We are commissioned by God to help enhance the growth of and equipping the saints to be effective in Kingdom building through the Five-Fold Ministry Gifts (Ephesians 4:11-16).


"An Hour of Bible Sharing With Betty"

Learning the first principles of how to grow on the foundation of Christ.



Breaking the Chains 

Proper Training Equals Effectiveness as the children of the Most High God "Walk in the Newness of Life" (Romans 6:4), by continually being delivered from strongholds of the past that hinders the children of God from walking in victory.

The messages are sent via the internet, however we can be contacted and communicate in various ways.

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