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Biography of Betty A. Burnett

Betty was born in Gibsonville, NC; she grew up and was educated in Greensboro, NC. She lived in several places over the years and extensive travels has been a part of her life for countless years, which lines up with Betty’s ministry logo: “Send me Lord, I’ll go” (Isaiah 6:8).

She was called into ministry many years ago, but her initial message to the public was preached in 2000, and she received her ordination papers as Evangelist Betty Burnett in 2002. Intercessory Prayer has also been a passionate and vital part of Betty’s life since the mid nineteen eighties.

Being called by many names such as Ms. B, Minister B, BB, Sister Betty, Miss Betty, Minister Burnett, Evangelist, Prophetess, Betty, and more, is no problem with her. It does not matter how she is addressed, because titles are irrelevant to her.

The Lord blessed Betty with creative and innovating writing abilities. He also blessed her to write a book called “The New Life”, which was originally published in 2011, and recently there has been a new edition of the book. Blog messages are posted regularly on Betty’s ministry website (BURNETTMINISTRIES.ORG), as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email.

One of Betty’s famous quotes is: “There are no big I’s and little you’s”. God does not show respect of persons.

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