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  • Betty A. Burnett

A Life Well-Lived

Honoring a Mother of Mothers ~ Mrs. Georgia Johnson

It saddened my heart to hear of the passing of a lady who was the epitome of what mothers are called to be.

The Sister Georgia that I knew and viewed, wore different types of mothers’ hats.

The mother of mothers that I am writing about is one with whom I had personal experience and a beautiful relationship with. We served together in a few capacities at our church and we also fellowshipped with others while having meals at various restaurants.

My view of Sister Georgia, a Mother of Mothers

Sister Georgia was the biological mother of ten children, whom she raised very well. She definitely trained them up in the right way. She was also a mother to whoever else came into her life.

She was a godmother to some mothers children, and she did everything possible to help them stay on course.

A spiritual mother, who shared the Word of God to whoever had ears to hear; she was not ashamed to talk about the Lord.

She was a grandmother, to her own and all those who were acquainted with her children’s children.

Sister Georgia was a Day care mother who lovingly helped children whose parents worked; she became their day-time parent, or to some, it could have been longer.

A praying mother indeed – I believe many of you can still remember Sister Georgia praying.

Sister Georgia was a strong mother with the strength that could only come from God, therefore, she certainly exemplified a Proverbs Thirty-One Mother. Surely, she was a woman of character.

She was a mother-in law, whom I believe treated all her children’s spouses fairly.

You name it, that’s who Sister Georgia was, as long as she was spoken of as a good mother. She was also the mother of two of my prayer partners Shelly and Kelly.

This mighty woman of God was a “Tough Love Mother”- She did not spare the rod.

When I reminisced about Sister Georgia, it was amazing how God ordained for her to be a mother in my play “Take Me Back, Things Sho Ain’t the Way They Used to Be” She played the role of a woman who did not spare the rod, not even in the play. In other words, she was natural.

Sister Georgia certainly left a legacy for others to model, including myself. I am forever grateful that the Lord placed her in my life. I also thank the Lord for the BONUS she was to many, many people of all ages. She is gone, but she will never be forgotten - Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever flood my soul.

Love and Peace be unto the Johnson family ~ Minister Betty A Burnett

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