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Been Many Places and Still on the Move!

Updated: May 19

I Can Truly Say that I’ve Been Abundantly Blessed – Testimony

I am continuing with how the blessings of the Lord have chased me down, poured out of the windows of heaven. That’s why I cannot hold back how the Lord has and He is still showering more blessings every day. Every time I turn around there is another blessing in some form, though somebody that the Lord uses.

There is a season for planting (ministering for many years) and a time for reaping the harvest! And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life (Matthew 19:29).

This is what happens when we get more intimate with our Father. It has not been an easy life, but the results from walking in obedience have been worth it. Today, I want to share how the Lord has blessed me to travel and lodge many places on little or no income; along with the many blessings He sent for other reasons.

My travels throughout various parts of the United States started around 1992, while living in Camden, New Jersey, , and they continued while I was residing in North Carolina.

Most of my travels – Sun Valley, Palm Springs, San Diego, Long Beach, Malibu Beach, Huntington Beach, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Tijuana, Mexico. Tuscaloosa, Tuskegee, Mobile, Orrville, Selma, Montgomery, Alabama. Atlanta, Marietta, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Florence, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Columbia, Greenwood, Aiken, Barnwell, South Carolina. Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Stafford, Roanoke, Danville, Martinsville, Bedford, Natural Bridge, Virginia. Baltimore, Silver Spring, Annapolis, Maryland. Washington, DC

NYC, Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, Springfield Gardens, Arverne, Valley Stream, Rochester, Buffalo, New York. Philadelphia, Reading, Pottstown, Pittsburg, Wakefield, Peach Bottom, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Stroudsburg, Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania.

New Orleans, Louisiana. Orlando, Palm Beach, Winter Haven, Palm Coast, Jacksonville, Florida. My home state from the mountains to the ocean- North Carolina.

The Lord also allowed me to travel to Europe- Frankford, Heidelberg, Germersheim, Darmstadt, Speyer, Germany. Luxembourg, and Paris, France in 2002. I was going with my sister, a friend, and her husband from Philadelphia; this was where we took our flight from and had to change in Detroit to go to Frankford. We were visiting a military friend who was stationed in Germany.

I said previously how the Lord blessed me through various means. Well, this trip stood out more than some of the others, because I believed by faith that the Lord was going to open the door for me to go to Germany. Someone was helping me by putting money aside. I did have a little bit of money, but nowhere near what was needed for the trip.

On Thanksgiving day when my friends picked me up to go to Philly, there was a church service and breakfast. The Senior ministry (those aged people on fixed incomes) at the church gave me a card with money in it; a friend found out about the trip; she went to the bank and came back with money for me. When I arrived in Philly, another friend wired me some money. I had enough to spend freely, buy souvenirs and had money left over. GOD did it!

That’s not all! In 2008, I was blessed to go on a Caribbean cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas (US virgin islands), Labadee, Haiti, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In 2019, I was blessed to go on another cruise to St. Thomas, Coco Cay, Bahamas, and to St. Martin. Earlier that same year I was blessed to go to Punta Cana.

Friends, I have a reason to praise God! If we obey Him, there is no telling where He will have us to Go and Do. That’s my testimony of God’s goodness to me! And He keeps on blessing me over and over.

How could I ever forget the state of New Jersey, where I reside and have traveled from the highest point to the shores. I have been blessed with many benefits where I live, and my state really looks out for the aged, disabled, and blind.  

Betty A. Burnett ~



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