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  • Betty A. Burnett

Darkness Trying to Take Over Light

Halloween and the Symbolism of This Evil Day

· I live in and near areas where so many houses are fully loaded with Halloween decorations. Those decorations are expensive, apparently the people can afford it.

· A couple of weeks ago when one of my niece’s was visiting, she looked across the street from my place, and this was brought to my attention for the first time.

· She said: “Did you notice how all the decorations collapsed” I said “Yes” Then our eyes were opened to what this symbolized. It is obvious that demonic spirits are creatures of darkness which represents evil. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil (John 3:19).

· Apparently the owners had a timer on the look-a-like evil creatures; in the morning they deflated, and evening (dusk dark), these ugly horrible looking creatures would inflate. It is obvious that the people who are involved in this evil are influenced by the powers of darkness. That stands to reason even more so that God’s people should not participate in this evil.

Excerpt about the movie - “I am Legend” the film is set in New York City after a virus, which was originally created to cure cancer, has wiped out most of mankind, leaving Neville as the last human in New York, other than nocturnal mutants. An attempt to genetically re-engineer the measles virus to cure cancer becomes lethal, infecting 99% of the world's population, turning those it does not kill into vampiric, albino, cannibalistic mutants called Dark seekers, who are extremely vulnerable to sunlight and prey on the few who are left unaffected.

· For years, whenever I would go to a secular movie, I would try to gain something spiritual from it, and that is was exactly what happened in “I am Legend”

· Even in the movie I was able to see how evil has always been associated with darkness, and since darkness cannot stand light, the demons are known to attack more in dark places. Although people are being killed, and other crimes are committed in broad daylight more often, the evil forces are still creatures of darkness (evil).

· My question for those who profess to be born-again, who are you being influenced by, the Spirit of God or the demons? If you are submissive to and are controlled by the Spirit of God, there should be some evidence.

· Exhortation – There is an alternative for these precious children who like the fun of dressing up and getting treats– the church. God wants us to enjoy things in this life, so why not do something that is not harmful/evil and let the youth have an enjoyable evening of fun, games (some can be biblical), and the treats that are safe.

Let’s celebrate Christ every day!

~ Betty A. Burnett ~

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