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Updated: May 4

Giving Thanks to The Lord and Those Who Support My Ministry

Sometimes I post Thanks to those who support my ministry; I am always grateful to God for this assignment. Not only do I give thanks for your readership, but because of you, the ministry expands, therefore you are a vital part of its good success. That’s why I feel you should be aware of my accomplishments.

A few days ago, Facebook informed me with “Congratulations” that five hundred people are following me! To God be all praises, honor, and glory!” for the things He has done; what He is doing; for what He is going to do!

You see, this is why I have an urgency to know that my brothers and sisters understand what their God given purpose is. We were not created just to be here; we have not been given a new life just to have a new life. God made us with purpose; to manage what He has entrusted to us through serving Him and others with our abilities (gifts, etc.,).

Thanks again for your support, encouragement, and any other way you contribute to Burnett Ministries.

Grace, Peace, and LOVE,

Betty A. Burnett ~

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