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African American History – Introduction

February has been set aside as Black History Month, [African American History]. For years, my interest pertaining to the history of my people has grown deeper and deeper.


A friend introduced me to a book titled “Stolen Legacy” and later a bookstore that I ordered Bibles from had some

“Original African Heritage Bible” with information about who these darker complexion people in the Bible.


I ordered several of these Bibles for some of my friends in the late 1990’s, which became a treasure on  their bookshelf.


I also wrote a play titled “A Heritage To Be Proud Of” from a Biblical perspective that was presented several times in a couple of churches. A copy of this narrative and musical about my people was sent to New York, to a person whom a friend of mine was interested.


He called and said people in New York needed something of that nature. He also planned to come to North Carolina and work with my people. However, before that materialized, the man passed suddenly, and it seemed as though my dream was shattered. But I got beyond my feelings about a shattered dream and kept it moving.


Later, I wrote and presented a narrative about the locals in my hometown, and surrounding communities titled “Do You Know Me, I’m Your History” – there was a demand for it, and the narrative was presented a second time.


I am in another kind of season of my life and in a different locality, but the creative and innovative writing is still going where God has ordained it to go and reach those He plans for the work to reach.


Pause: Don’t give up or get discouraged if God gives you a dream; wait and it shall surely come to pass (Habakkuk 2:3). Although that particular work is not being used, the Spirit prompted me to write messages this month about our “heritage” Usually, I post messages via social media and my ministry blog during the month of February.

This month, I plan to share Biblical history, but in a different way than I had done in the past. I will be coming from the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 28, the blessings, and the curses, and how it is still affecting my people today.


Ps. These historical messages are to open the eyes of all people, regardless if they are saved or not, or what their nationality is. It will liberate people who have no hope because of the lies the devil has influenced people to make them feel like the lowest of humans.

Once it is discovered about the consequences of disobedience, and the suffering which seems to be never ending, you will know that God still loves you and you are blessed despite the consequence of disobedience.


~ Betty A. Burnett ~









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