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Customer Testimonials

Name: Shakera Williams

Email Address:

Message: Ms. Betty's ministry blesses me one message at a time. Allowing God to provide her the spiritual insight in every message makes all the difference. "Setting the captives the free" is shown through all the wisdom in each message.


"I appreciate you sharing how these messages have blessed you. It encourages and motivate me to continue posting what the Holy Spirit leads me write."

God bless you

Helping You Discover What the Bible Says

Message: Evangelist Betty has been serving God in​ a mighty way for a very long time, and she lets nothing stop her in her mission and work. Without a​ large platform or mega church, she’s bringing the gospel truth and understanding to her readers and followers online. I’ve been following her for over 10 ​years; read her book and make a financial donation at least annually. (Sh​e doesn’t ask for of money or try to sell you things.) This beautiful, fantastic website is just one example of how Betty goes to great lengths to reach and serve the young as well as the middle-aged and old. We should all be singing her praise, and of course, praising and thanking God for sending her our way. 


It is truly a helpful site to read and learn. The page you design is very good to us , me and the people. Praying for you on your Godly work and mission.

Daryll Neal

Name: Patricia A Posey

Message: Thank God for your inspirational messages that are sent around the world.

Impressive new website.

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