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An Eyecatcher!

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New York, One of the Most Famous Cities in the World

If I  would choose a Hall of Fame of cities NYC would be  at the top of the list. As much as New York has been a place that I’ve traveled to, and that I lived in, there is so much to be taken in, that it would probably take a lifetime.

For many years Harlem was my main lodging place on my visits to New York. During those years, a family-like friend would meet me after I stopped driving into the city. He took me to places I had not been to before; he knew about all the happenings that were free.

The last couple of times, my friend and I went to New York together and she, her sister from the Bronx and another sister from Long Island met us and the five of us hung out together. The fifth person was the male family connected friend, who was our tour guide and earthly angel.

Everybody was an original New Yorker, accept me; of course, Sherman has southern roots.

After greeting each other and chit-chatting, and discussing the Word of God, we started on our way to catch a bus, one of the sisters was telling me to take a picture with the wax figure (The Rock) outside of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum-

The World's Greatest Wax Museum.


I told her I wasn’t paying to have a picture made. She said it was free, so I handed her my phone and stood by the Rock that was towering over me. We took the bus from Times Square to the New York Public Library on 42nd and Fifth Ave. She said it was free, so she took a couple of pictures of me.

Wikipedia - The New York Public Library (NYPL) is a public library system in New York City. With nearly 53 million items and 92 locations, the New York Public Library is the second-largest public library in the United States behind the Library of Congress and the fourth-largest public library in the world. It is a private, non-governmental, independently managed, nonprofit corporation operating with both private and public financing.

Internet- Ghostbusters location: the first ghost: New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue, New York The first of many supernatural appearances occurs in the New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue, where the marble lions in the opening shots flank the wide flight of steps along Fifth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets.

After being at the Library for a while, we headed to the bus stop that would take us to Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

I will share that experience tomorrow, Lord willing!

Betty A. Burnett ~

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