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"Several Places USA"

African American Historical Places

Last weekend, February 2nd, and the 3rd , I shared with the readers some places African American places, the Lord had allowed me to tour.

Baltimore, Maryland – National Black Wax Museum

I have toured this several times; some of the images in the lynching room (lower level) are too graphic to post.


Wakefield, Pennsylvania – Slaves Cemetery

I was visiting with a friend who had a home in the Amish country, and the Penn Hill Friends Meeting was the closest church to her. I visited the church a couple of times and found out that some African American slaves were buried in the church cemetery.

Also, the lady told me about a slave cemetery about a couple of miles down the road. She said it was difficult to see and that it had grown up. However, some people went in an cleaned the cemetery and it could be seen from the road.

Jacksonville, Florida - I drove a friend to a workshop, and while she was in class, I drove around the city, but my interest was in the area where my people lived. I did not go on any tours, just drove past certain places like one of the museums.

Learning that Johnnetta Cole was Jacksonville perked up my interest, especially since she was president of Bennett College, in my hometown.

Johnnetta Betsch Cole (born October 19, 1936) is an American anthropologist, educator, museum director, and college president. Cole was the first female African-American president of Spelman College, a historically black college, serving from 1987 to 1997. She was president of Bennett College from 2002 to 2007. During 2009–2017 she was Director of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African Art.[1] Cole served as the national chair and 7th president for the National Council of Negro Women from 2018 to 2022.[2]


Lord willing, during the rest of the month of February on the weekends, I will share a few more places I was blessed to visit. Now I know why He allowed me to travel to these cities. There is always a purpose for everything, and at the appointed time it will be revealed.


~ Betty A. Burnett ~



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