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  • Betty A. Burnett

If You Need Help, Look Here for the Answer

Let’s Look to the One Who Keeps Us

This Psalm is one of the many that reveals how God takes care of us. His divine protection is

upon us. He keeps us from being thirsty, even in times of drought – Jesus rains down the spiritual water that flows from His fountain. The Almighty God feeds us when we are hungry – Jesus is the Bread that has come down to keep us properly nourished.

· He who keeps you will not slumber (Psalm 121:3b). He guards His sheep. We don’t have to worry because God falling asleep on us, because He is wide awake at all times.

· The Lord is your keeper (Psalm 121:5a). The Lord is our Shepherd who tends to us sheep with tender loving care. Since He is Almighty, All knowing and He knows everything, this Great Shepherd needs no sheepdog.

· God is our Helper, our Protector, and our Keeper – He is that and so much more! Thank you Lord for Your great love for us.

Your daughter Betty, and all those who agree.

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