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Moving Right Along!

The Golden Girls’ Exploration

Earlier this week, my friend headed to Philly to explore our last option of what would be the best means of transportation from Philly to New York. We took the high Speedline to Camden, and the bus across the Ben Franklin Bridge to Seventh and Market.

From there we walked approximately one and a half miles to Columbus Blvd. and Spring Garden Streets. We found the small bus station, and from there we headed back to Center City. There was no way we were going to walk almost another mile and a half back. So, I asked a man where the city bus stop that would take us back to Center City; he pointed up the street and said, “You can take the Frankford train” and we did

Although I found out the very next day that starting Monday, May sixth, Peter Pan bus would be picking up passengers at Ninth and Market, which would only be one block from where we would take the train back to Lindenwold. Our God is amazing!

For some of the readers, it may seem as though our trip was useless and we were chasing the wind; it wasn’t. Here’s the reason why. Months ago, I talked to a niece and a nephew about the Galley (underground mall), and what happened to it. My nephew said it was still there.

The original Gallery

Many years ago, another friend and I used to love going to the Gallery – stores, eateries and so on. My desire was to go again one day. Well, when we got off the train, we were right at the Gallery, now called “The Fashion District” When I think about the total makeover (revitalization), it reminds me of the new life in Christ, how old things become new.

I was absolutely amazed how the Lord gave me the desire of my heart, and when I wasn’t even thinking about it. When I saw how well lit it was, the old Gallery could not compare to it. As we walked, I kept talking to my friend about how it was such a blessing the way the Lord orchestrated circumstances to give me a desire of my heart.

That’s our story,  another adventure that was well worth it. Life is this way; we keep it moving!

Betty A. Burnett ~

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