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  • Betty A. Burnett

Run for Your Life

"Heritage to be Proud of" History, History, History

These are some more historical places I was blessed to tour. Praise the Lord for how He is using my travels to different African American Historical places to share with others. Some of the places had escaped my memory until I started writing.

I am profoundly grateful that this was part of God’s plan, He allowed me to have these experiences for a purpose. It is so interesting that during my school years I didn’t like history.

It’s amazing how God can take something that we have no interest in and turn it around for His glory.

There may be others who have been more places than I have, but I am sharing because the Spirit of God prompted me to.

Tuskegee, Alabama – Tuskegee Airmen Museum

Atlanta, Georgia – Martin Luther King Historical places (his home and the church)

Sedalia, North Carolina- Charlotte Hawkins Brown founded Palmer Memorial Institute

Charlotte Hawkins Brown was the aunt of Maria Cole, wife of Nat King Cole

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