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  • Betty A. Burnett

Being in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

· Good morning! Good news! My website is almost complete (not quite). It should be up and running in a couple of days.

· Yesterday, I was blessed to be at two different types of events; one with some of the tenants that I love being around because they have such wonderful attitudes. I also thank the Lord for the management and how they do whatever possible to create an environment to give the tenants a better quality of life.

· It was almost a perfect setting; the weather was great; the food was soooo good, the music (oldies) was enjoyable, and the men who brought their cars to show off to us were nice and they took the time to describe their pride and joy.

· We also sat together and chatted while enjoying our lunch. If I were to describe yesterday’s, it would be like this. For seniors like us, we are blessed with various activities offered to us by management (including social coordinator), which gives us a better quality of living in our older age.

· Since my move to Lindenwold, my life has been so enriched because God has ordered my steps, and I do my best to accept wherever and whoever He puts in my life. Despite obstacles and challenges that come with life wherever one may be, life becomes more enjoyable when we understand God has a plan and we allow His will to be done.

· On that note, the next event was somewhat different, but much was learned in my observation of different aspects of the event. Things and people were revealed to me that I had not seen before. I learned a lot; life itself is a learning lesson regardless of what the age might be.

· I am reiterating that I try to make the best of any situation; wherever the Lord has me, there is a purpose, and something can be gained from it. The people were so friendly, and they made me feel comfortable and accepted.

· Have you ever been somewhere and then you start wondering “Lord why am I here?” After being at the event for a few hours, the Lord placed a niece in my path that I had not seen in years. That was the highlight of that event for me. My steps were truly ordered and ordained by the Lord God Almighty. Lord, I just want to thank You!

Your daughter ~ Betty A. Burnett

Ps. I love sharing stories of my life with you wonderful people!

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