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God’s Resource 

Since many people attend church serves on the weekends, I felt that today would be the perfect time to share about one of the best Bible resources that I have come across.

My teacher, Burnett Ministries Bible study teacher, and I had The Key Word Study Bible for many years. I had also had the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance since the early nine-teen nineties. Yet after the Key Word Study Bible was purchased, the Strong's Concordance was my main source of finding what the words meant in the original language.

The Concordance was big and heavy, so when I relocated, I left it behind. This pushed me to search from the Keyword study Bible more regularly and it became my main resource of information for my personal study.

In my writing, much emphasis is placed on how to study and in doing so, there are keywords that make a big difference as to what the verse means. A good scholar would also study and see what the words mean in the original language – Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.

The reason we should see what the original meaning of words is this; when King James of England authorized the Bible to be translated into the English language, some of the meanings also changed. This was not done deliberately like some of the modern translations. Because of the change, we should look at the original meaning of key words.

When one has a better understanding of God’s Word, they will understand that as a Christians we are going to experience persecutions, trials, and tribulations (2 Timothy 3:12); the only way to overcome it is through the Word of God.

The other thing we should know is this; if we do not know or have an understanding of God’s Word, how will we know what is true and what is not. I see evidence of this on social media, and it is shameful to see people posting what is not scripturally correct.

Just recently, I was sharing with a few of my sisters who are intricately connected to me how important it is to have a resource that is rightly divided. They have ordered this Bible because they want to know more truth. That’s the only way we can advance the Kingdom of God effectively.

This is a reminder- Please don’t think because you have this awesome tool to enhance your spiritual growth by studying privately (2 Timothy 2:15), that you don’t need to be taught, and assemble with other saints (Hebrews 10:25).

Since the Word of God is a lamp to our feet, how are we going to walk without stumbling if we are not studying. And how is the truth going to set us free if we don’t know what the truth is? God is The Source for everything, but He uses resources.

Ps. I recommend the The Key Word Study Bible – All in One Resource

Betty A. Burnett ~

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