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  • Betty A. Burnett

How "Lucky" Are You?

LUCK? Words that Don’t Reflect God’s Grace

· This week’s series on “Words that Don’t Reflect God’s Grace” has been an eye opener for me. The Word says if we look in the mirror at ourselves, we will only see ourselves. It’s like taking the beam (log) out of our own eye, rather than taking the speck out of someone else else’s (Matthew 7:3).

· Being in a worldly environment can have a negative effect, and if we are not careful, we will get caught up in it. Which would you rather a part of “the in crowd” or have the blessings of God? Because of my surroundings, certain words have come out of my mouth, but I am striving, praying, and asking the Lord to help me.

· When we recognize that there is a problem and we’ve got caught up into things that don’t reflect God’s grace, we have a Helper. The Awesome Holy Spirit!!!

· The words that I wrote about that don’t reflect God’s grace, are just a few of many. This is for the readers awareness; after that, they will see and hear so many other words that don’t reflect God’s grace.

· Let’s look at the word “Luck” This word certainly should not come out of any born-again believer’s mouth. Luck means success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.


· Lucked into a good apartment; lucked out in finding that rare book.

Luck is an outside force that will fall in your favor. Example: Something you possess like a lucky charm or rabbit’s foot to bring about a desired outcome.

· Leaders should be mature, but some words that come from their mouths indicate something else. It reveals the level of maturity a person is on. (James

Sadly, I hear leaders using the word “Luck”

· This means if leaders are using the word, wouldn’t it be likely that their followers would do the same thing? What’s even sadder, some people take everything the leader says as gospel, and that’s pitiful. It reminds me of Jim Jones who led a thousand people to their death. Once they realized who he really was, it was too late.

· Back to luck – do you think God is a God of luck? You can’t be thinking that, because those who truly understand the God of providence trust Him for all their provisions, because luck nothing to do with God.

· God is The God of blessings; therefore, luck should not be in our vocabulary. Not only that, but we are also not showing others how great our GOD is. If you are in the habit of saying “Luck” or “Lucky” please stop. It may be difficult because habits are hard to break, but it is possible. Wouldn’t it be silly to say “God luck you,” when it supposed to be “God bless you?” Think about it!

Blessings be unto you ~ Betty A. Burnett

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