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  • Betty A. Burnett

What does CHRISTmas Eve mean to You?

Waiting with Anticipation – Day 24

Santa Claus

Children get excited while waiting for Santa Claus to deliver the gifts sometime in the middle of the night and they wake up with an extra boost of excitement to see what was under the tree. For you who know me, I believe in Santa Claus, but as a child I thought there was a real Santa Claus.


A newborn baby  

When it is close to the time for a baby to be born, there is a lot of excitement while waiting for this new bundle of joy to be an additional blessing to the family’s life.

Baby Jesus

 While waiting with expectation for what has been predicted as the time for Jesus to be born, this should be the most celebratory time ever, because if it had not been for Jesus coming into the world, we would be no hope. Jesus had to be born before He could die to save sinners like you and me.  Therefore, He came to bring the greatest blessing anyone could have, which was/is salvation.


Let’s bring it home to us when it comes to what our excitement should be about. For many days, people have been sharing various posts, images and so on leading up to the day that we celebrate the birth of Christ. Although there is a lot of worldly commercialization, so many people have been putting emphasis on Christ, and that is commendable, praise God!


As we wait excitedly to celebrate our Savior’s birth, every second, minute and hour until that appointed time, be one of joyful anticipation.


Just as a newborn baby is adored, let’s give adoration to this Baby who will never be like any other.

Waiting joyously for the Lord to come!

~ Betty A. Burnett ~


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