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  • Betty A. Burnett

You Oughta Give God Praise! He's Worthy!

Testifying of God’s Goodness

I had a couple of appointments and lab work done in the last few days. My health is truly being restored, and the healing process is evident by some of the reports that I received so far, and I am believing God for total restoration.

Many people have been praying for me and encouraging me, as well as believing God for my healing to manifest. Although I was being monitored by my PCP, and taking medications, my main health issues really surfaced almost two years after I moved back to New Jersey, which is my third time being a citizen of New Jersey.

My PCP referred me to a kidney specialist who is monitoring my levels because I was diagnosed with stage three kidney disease (as far back as North Carolina but was there was never a referral to a kidney specialist -interesting). I kept it moving; still felt great but was doing what was advised by the physicians.

I had therapy for my shoulder that is doing fine; also therapy for my knee; was told how to do in home-therapy and it works, praise the Lord.

I want to share more about the shocking breast cancer that sprung on me suddenly. I ha the surgery and the oncologist advised me to go on a simple sugar, low glycemic index diet and she also suggested that I should see a nutritionist.

I saw the nutritionist in February and the next appointment was Friday, March 8. I was so excited to tell how God had used her to help with my health being restored. I was rattling off trying to get it all in at one time; she slowed me down and asked how did I come off almost everything that was not simple sugar and low glycemic?

I pointed to my head and said it’s here. I knew that the Holy Spirit was my Helper and I also let this mind be in me that was in Christ Jesus; that was not said to her, but she understood; the nutritionist told me she and her three daughters were believers.

Getting back to my mind, you know the Source of me being able to come off all that food that was harming my body. I knew my health was jeopardized and I also believed that God’s plan for my life was not finished yet.

I am flipping back to the nutritionist again. She was delighted at the progress I had made in just a month. So, she pointed her hand to her hand like I had done, and said, “I need to interview you for a story” Again, she was so pleased that she encouraged me to tell everybody I can about the positive affect my change of lifestyle had on me; of course it took faith, because the devil was still trying to mess with my mind.

Then I remembered the prophet had spoken to me a week prior to my appointment and said God was going to heal me. This is why gifts are important -I was beginning to question some things – the Lord sent me an answer. When something is spoken (prophesied) about the future and before it manifests, it seems like all hell is breaking loose, the Holy Spirit will give us a recall, and that helps us to hold on to our faith.

I have written that my messages are prompted (inspired) by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will use other resources to have me write certain messages. With that being said, He definitely used my nutritionist to encourage me to write and encourage others.

There will be a continuation of this testimony because I want to use the Word of God as the formula, and also my new diet plan as a spiritual recipe for good health.

Ps. I am sure some the readers have heard about people going cold turkey; if you want to think me going cold turkey, it was a God thing! And that was a GOOD thing!

Last Sunday’s song for the message was, “Let the Church Say Amen” You can so amen today, but the song today is a real oldie bye the Five-Blind Boys- “Lord, Lord, You Been So Good to Me”- It really stirred my soul! I am sure all of you can agree that “The Lord has Been so Good to You”

 Betty A. Burnett ~



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