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  • Betty A. Burnett

A Blended Brand of History

Grandma’s Hands Could Make Dandelion Wine 9-28-2023

· My grandma and her sister made different kinds of wine. Although their ingredients for wine was different, there was no difference in the love these two sisters had for each other. If there was ever a display of Agape (unconditional) love for each other, theirs was unmatchable.

· My grandma and her sister were separated during their earlier years. I believe they were separated due to some form of slavery. But praise God, He reunited them and from that time they were inseparable until Grandma passed.

Grandma sure could make that Dandelion Wine

· I remember as a young girl going into the field with Grandma as she picked those little yellow dandelion flowers to make wine. Guess who was the first person to taste it. Me, of course!

Somehow, I was always right up under my Grandma.

· She wasn’t known in the history books, nor did grandma become famous (only to those who knew and loved her). First of all, she didn’t have money, and if Grandma were able to manufacture that wine, it would more than likely her patent would have been stolen. I’m sure you get the drift (understand what I mean).

· Years later after she and Grandpap moved from the country; after he passed Grandma lived with our family, I was still as close to her as I was in my younger years. Our bond was so strong that we listened to Gospel music in her bedroom, and many times it was when I ironed clothes. I had such admiration for her and wanted to be close to Grandma as possible. We were close indeed!

Grandma’s Hands

· Grandma was not only known for her wine-making skills, but she was also known as a powerful intercessory prayer warrior, she could be heard praying all the way across the hall. My mother told me that I reminded her of Grandma.

· I guess some religious people would say how could Grandma be such a Christian and make wine. They could have called her what the pharisees (hypocrites) called Jesus: The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, look, a glutton, and a winebibber [drunkard], a friend of tax collectors and sinners (Matthew 11:19).

· Didn’t Jesus make wine? (John 2:6-9) It is so ironic that some people have a tendency to judge others, when their faults are greater that those they are pointing their fingers at (Matthew 7:1). I never questioned or doubted who this mighty woman of God was; all I could see was her bright light (Matthew 5:16).

· I will never forget that good old dandelion wine that my righteous old grandma made. Not too many years ago, dandelion wine came back to my remembrance, so I did some research and found out that breweries in certain parts of the country make the wine. There is a brewery about forty minutes from me. I’m sure you’re wondering what is next. I purchased it for my niece and myself as a keepsake in remembrance of Grandma.

· Grandma’s hands were blessed and they were a blessing to our family. Her physical hands were skilled, and her spiritual praying hands were powerful.

Next, the script will be flipped – Ancestry from my daddy’s mother side of the family.

~ Betty A. Burnett ~

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