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  • Betty A. Burnett

“Happy Memorial Day” 

Updated: May 27

Remembering Those Who Served the United States of America Military

Many members of my family, including my dad served in the US military, but I don’t remember any of them losing their lives. Yet so many others lost their lives, although it saddens my heart, somebody had to die so we could have the freedom we have today.

We have not experienced other countries fighting against the United States on our land, and we are blessed. I am grateful for everyone who sacrificed their lives for this country and for us.

We should truly be grateful to the Lord for preserving us from any country that opposes our country. To put it simply, or some might say: “The Lord has His hand on these United States of America”

So, when I say “Happy Memorial Day” it is a happy day for many of us because the United States have been war zone free. Glory to God!

Remembering and honoring the brave!

Betty A. Burnett ~


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