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  • Betty A. Burnett

Loved Ones Gone, but Never Forgotten

Updated: May 22

Precious Memories of Our Dearly Beloved Faye Clay Covington Valentine

Reflections of a One Year Anniversary of Remembrance and Honoring Faye

On behalf of Faye’s son, her daughter-in-law, and their children, this unforgettable day will forever remain in our hearts.

From 2013, until May 22, 2023,  Faye’s life had a drastic turn-around that greatly affected her son Scott (Monique), grandchildren Trinity, Delanie and Landon, her cousins Joannie, Betty, and  a few other friends, especially Keith Canada who still connects with me.

During those ten years that Faye was incapacitated, her condition slowly deteriorated to the point that she almost had a total memory loss, yet she was properly cared for by two nursing homes.

Even though she was attended to by several staff in the medical field, somehow the excellent nurse that Faye was would still surface at times when she was being cared for. It was amazing how she could tell the staff certain things about nursing.

Faye was well loved by many, including two wonderful sisters in Christ who sometimes traveled with me to visit her. They also visited her when she was transferred to a facility in Greensboro.

Faye adored her son,  Scott, who was her pride and joy, and it was a long time during the downward spiral of her memory before she forget who he was. It was devastating to see Faye lose her memory, and even more difficult for us to accept. Faye was vibrant, energetic, outgoing, and she was bold in preaching the Word of God. To have seen his mother in the physical and mental state that she was in, affected Scott in a way that was unimaginable.

Despite Fay’s memory loss, I have no doubt that she felt the love by all who visited her. Let’s not forget our relatives and friends who have forgotten who they are and who you are.

From Joannie, who was like a sister, to Faye and whom she held closely to her heart.

I often think of Faye during special days like birthdays, holidays or at any given time. Memories of her bring my heart to tears or sometimes I may get choked up inside.

A year has passed since she's crossed over from this life. I will always carry in my heart the love we shared not just as cousins but as her being a big sister to me. I loved Faye, I still do and always will. I miss her more in her absence.

We miss Faye, but the precious memories of her linger on.

Scott, Monique, Trinity, Delanie, Landon, Joannie, Betty, Keith, Thelma, and Susan

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