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  • Betty A. Burnett

Thanks to All of You, and Thanks Again!

Updated: Jun 9

Heartfelt Thanks!

It is with a most grateful heart of thanks that I wish to extend to all my Facebook family and friends for the huge outpouring of love that was extended to my family in the loss of our dearly beloved Donald Dewayne Troutman (aka, “Huck-a-Buck” “Huck” “Hakeem”- [my nephew/brother]

I posted a “Thanks” to everyone collectively, but the condolences have still been coming and it is so encouraging to know of the many people  who expressed their care, concerns, and most of all the sincerity of Love filled my sad heart with Joy.

I was so busy during the initial passing and connecting with my southern family and friends that the reality of “Huck’s” passing had not sunk in. However, this week was when it hit me that I will never see him again on this side. But comfort from the Lord and you have made it easier to accept.

Thank the Lord for each of you who made my night shorter, and my morning come sooner.

Betty A. Burnett ~



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